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Conceived, designed and implemented with
video story telling in mind.

Our Story

Mobeous is an emergent video network where people can share their ideas and collaborate with others and form communities of purpose.

Where you can see interactive conversations between people making things happen.  A place for everyday users, social transformers, technical innovators - anyone wanting to engage their world.  A new way brands and people to interact with idea sharing through video.

Mobeous will become the ultimate space for collaboration, cultural trends, social and technical innovation.  A new experience.

Mobeous - Paul Reagan CEO
Paul Reagan
CEO Co-founder

Social scientist, educator, consultant entrepreneur with deep insight into the how and why of people.  Fluent in innovation, virtual collaboration and new idea incubation.  Dr. Reagan has three decades of experience in leading project teams.


BS in Engineering Psychology, Masters in Organizational Psychology from Georgia Institute of Technology.   Dr. Reagan was awarded an MLIR and Ph.D in Social Science from Michigan State University.

Mobeous - Damon Goldsmith - CTO
Damon Goldsmith
CTO Co-founder

Systems Analyst, divergent innovator and all around smart dude who spends way too much time on vlogs.  Mobeous is Damon’s third startup, previously serving as CTO and co-founder of  He has worked at Provider Exchange Network implementing technology solutions.


BS in broadcast communications and psychology from Boston University and a Masters in Business with a focus in Information Systems from Wayne State University.


Michael Feinberg:

CTO - Windward Systems.  

Technical tactics and strategies

Sandiego X. Luce':

CEO - DesignMethod

SME In - Media, Advertising, Design & Neuro Intelligence

Mobeous In Use

Aerial Fishing Farm

How can I use drones to feed fish?

Urban Issues

Problems needing to be seen & fixed.

Live Stream - Live Experience

What's your ultimate concert moment?

User Feedback

Gamers deep into Beta testing

Re-Framing IP

Ideas for unapplied Intellectual Property

3D Idea Insourcing

Product development & extension


Women innovators and coopetition

Neighborhood Renewal

Engaged communities building parks

Healthy Together

Communities of purpose


Community sourcing program design

Survivor Stories

Sharing stories of courage

Mobeous-Discover Your Purposed

Discover Your Purpose



The World

Finding solutions through emergent media.

Ideas shared with people you want to know.

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